Values at the Core of Excellence

“We believe a strong corporate culture inspires passion in employees in what they do.”
– Joseph K. Lamb Jr., Gulf Western Roofing President and Founder

Core Values

The core values at Gulf Western Roofing are the baseline and foundation where personal and professional greatness can be built. We are a company with a reputation for providing quality, professionalism, service, and support seldom seen anywhere else. From flat roof assessments to installations of virtually any type of roof, our commitment is to excellence, stellar customer service, and exceptional results.

At the heart of that commitment to excellence are our company core values. These values shape the way we do business with our commercial and residential clients. They are also values that we follow every day as they drive our meetings, our roofing operations, and our customer service.

Core Values Competition

Recently, Gulf Western Roofing completed an internal competition focused on our company core values. The competition began when the purchasing department displayed our core values on the wall of their department. Fueling a little bit of friendly competition, company President, Joseph Lamb Jr., asked that a contest take place between the members of the company.

Teams were formed by department and the mission was simple: Create a poster that accurately reflected the core values of Gulf Western Roofing.

Each team poster was then voted on by the HR manager and Supervisor of Sales and Marketing. First place winners received movie tickets. Below are the results of this amazing core values competition:

Third Place

In third place was Team Orlando Field. They used the warehouse wall to create a large representation of a house with the core values as the foundation of that home.

Second Place

In Second Place was Team Orlando Office. They presented the core values via a spin off of the iconic game of Monopoly, called Core-Vopoly.

First Place

The First place winners were Team J, who represented the core values using an apple core.

The competition was a fun reminder to everyone in our company just how much of a foundation the Gulf Western Roofing core values are to each of us. Each week we have group meetings and review one core value per week. The core value of the week is also introduced in the first two minutes of every meeting within the company. Once we’ve gone through all of the core values, we recirculate and do them again so as to never forget them.

President Joseph K. Lamb Jr. had a mission to make Gulf Western Roofing the most respected roofing contractor in the entire state of Florida. Each day, every team member at Gulf Western Roofing strives to honor that mission through dedication and commitment by upholding the company core values.

We are excited to share our core values with all of our readers. Be sure to subscribe to our social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. We will routinely post one of our core values.