Remembering A Friend

It is with great sadness that we recognize the untimely passing of one of our own, Javier Medina.

Javier worked with the Gulf Western Roofing team as a Field Supervisor. With over 18 years of roofing experience, Javier proved himself to be hardworking and diligent, carefully overseeing the completion of new construction projects in Southwest Florida.

Although his hardworking nature was unmistakable, Javier always allowed for his fun-loving personality to shine through, especially when it came to dancing. Javier was notorious for being the first on the dance floor at every party.

Most notable about Javier was his strong love of family. Coming from a big family as the only boy among nine children, Javier reveled in surrounding himself by his loved ones. His favorite times were spent with his two sons either playing in the pool or cheering on their favorite soccer teams, Real Madrid and Guadalajara.

This is truly a great loss for Gulf Western Roofing and the community. Javier will be remembered as an extraordinary person who had a smile for everyone. He was a pleasure to work with and will be greatly missed by everyone whose lives he touched.

Let us always remember Javier. He and his family will forever remain in our hearts.