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Florida’s solar panel installation experts

Soak up the sun

One thing is clear as a bright summer sky—going solar isn’t just a trend—it’s here to stay and more affordable than ever before. At Gulf Western, our solar panel experts provide a seamless transition to renewable energy. We explore your options, maximize your benefits, and install your panels with the utmost precision and care. All you have to do? Enjoy the sunshine and everything it offers.

What are the benefits of solar energy?

As your panels absorb sunlight, the energy is converted and stored for all sorts of different uses, from powering appliances to heating your pool. This efficiency reduces your electricity bill by a significant amount—you may even lower it to zero. Plus, the environment will thank you for using a clean, green energy source.

With solar-panels, you start saving money from day one, but your benefits go even further:
    • Your home increases in value
    • Low maintenance costs
    • You create energy independence
    • Powers vehicle charge stations
    • Technology updates & developments
    • Receive 26% Tax Credit for the cost of your system
    • Monitor home energy consumption with wireless monitoring
    • Available system upgrades:
      • Battery systems to store energy when the grid goes down
      • EV charging stations
      • Smart Breakers
    • Energy efficient impact of our planet

Backed by experience & a strong guarantee

When you know Gulf Western Solar & Energy will be installing your solar panels, you can rest assured and buy with confidence. As South Florida’s premier Solar Panel company, we go the extra mile to complete your installation correctly. We also offer affordable financing options and a guaranteed performance of your solar panels for years to come.


Enjoy the benefits of a reliable solar panels in sunny South Florida. Learn more or request a quote.