Hurricane Season is Here! Are You Prepared?

As Florida homeowners, we really ask a lot of our roofs. Year round, your roof is exposed to blazing sun, tropical downpours, hurricane winds, extreme humidity, bugs, birds, and salt air. But even when we take these harsh conditions into consideration, we still expect our roof to provide the ultimate protection.

Truthfully speaking, your roof is your home’s first line of defense against a storm. Winds that accompany tropical storms and hurricanes have the ability to get up underneath tile, shingles, or other roofing components. Once those roof components are compromised, there’s nothing left to slow down the possible destruction of the entire roofing system. Not to mention, the wind-driven rain that accompanies these storms can approach a roof from all angles, increasing the possibility of water intruding into your home.

The older your roof, the more likely it is to be weaker and more exposed to winds and water damage. Which is why preparing your home for hurricane season is essential. With our years of roofing excellence in Florida, Gulf Western Roofing is uniquely qualified to check the condition of your roof, and make sure it continues to provide the protection and beauty you demand of it.

When it comes to hurricane season all too many roofing contractors are simply not prepared at all. Gulf Western Roofing is ready. Since opening our doors, we have operated under the Hurricane Response Plan (HRP) that we created. This HRP clearly outlines for our clients the steps that we will take if and when a hurricane is approaching, and at what point in a storm’s progress those steps will be taken.

To download a copy of our Hurricane Response Plan, click here: 2016 GWR Hurricane Response Plan

At Gulf Western Roofing, we’ve always felt that knowing what you’re going to do before you actually need to do it is vital for peace of mind- both ours and yours. Call us today to ensure your protection before, during, and after this hurricane season!