Animals in the Attic

Rats, squirrels, and birds, oh my! Are you housing unwanted guests like these on your roof or in your attic. Critters are becoming notorious for making huge messes when they break into homes through the roof. These animals can cause expensive damages to your roof as well as your insulation and/or electrical wires.

Soffits are a common entry point for these animals because they can be easily chewed through or torn open to gain access to the attic. Animals can also tear off shingles and continuously chew or scratch until they get through. Other entry points that animals tend to use are gutter lines, vents, fans, and chimneys.

It is important to keep gutters and chimneys well maintained in order to keep the animals out. Signs of animal intruders include chew marks, damaged electrical wires, unexplained scratching noises, animal droppings, and nests or nesting materials.

Dealing with these critters sooner rather than later can protect your roof from serious damage. Their point of entry can leave your roof and attic exposed to the elements, and even other animals or bugs.

If you’ve recently recognized any signs of animal intrusion, give the professionals at Gulf Western Roofing a call to repair the damages that they have left behind. We will be sure to seal all of the entryways to prevent these unwanted houseguests from reappearing.